One Patient’s Acromegaly Diagnosis Story

If you suspect yourself or someone you know of having Acromegaly, this video is for you.

Dr. Blevins of Pituitary World News, an endocrinologist specializing in evaluating and managing pituitary and hypothalamus disorders, including acromegaly,  interviews one of his patients, Jorge, on his peculiar introduction to his condition. Jorge’s unique story illustrates the importance of increasing awareness of the signs and symptoms of Acromegaly and sharing that knowledge with people who exhibit them.

Watch Jorge’s Video

Acromegaly Diagnosis Patient Story Jorge by Dr. Blevins

Jorge is a bartender at a local restaurant and while working one evening, had a local patron approach him to inquire about his features. The person went down a checklist of signs of Acromegaly and Jorge answered each one. When Jorge asked this good Samaritan why he had taken interest in his appearance, and at this request, the man produced a pair of photographs of himself before and after being diagnosed and treated for Acromegaly. Jorge went home and researched the condition and found to his shock that he, in fact, did recognize all of the common symptoms of Acromegaly in himself. Thanks to this brave person stopping in and taking the time to share his experience with Jorge, he is now beginning his own journey on the road to living with Acromegaly.