Living with Acromegaly

Living with Acromegaly2023-08-18T12:56:08+00:00

You are not alone.

Explore these enlightening and empowering messages of hope from 21 people living with acromegaly who share their highs, lows, symptoms, and treatment

Maintaining Relationships While Living With Acromegaly

Whether you were just diagnosed with acromegaly or have been navigating life with acromegaly for years, you’ve probably had some version of these questions running through your mind:

  • Will people act differently around me now that my symptoms have a name?
  • Would things be easier if I just kept to myself?
  • […]

Strengthening Casual Relationships While Living With Acromegaly

While strong, intimate relationships are vital to the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of people living with acromegaly, casual connections can have positive effects in these areas as well. These loose social connections (such as the pharmacists or the barista at your local coffee shop) can keep you grounded and remind you[…]

Acromegaly and Intimate Relationships: A Complex Dynamic

As someone living with acromegaly, you’ve likely experienced changes in your close relationships leading up to and after your diagnosis. It’s very common for the many doctors’ appointments, tests, and effects of symptoms such as mood swings and fatigue to create emotional strain for you, your family, and close friends. According to[…]

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