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You are not alone.

Explore these enlightening and empowering messages of hope from 21 people living with acromegaly who share their highs, lows, symptoms, and treatment

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Acromegaly treatment • 24 hours • 1 dose

An investigational, ONCE-DAILY, ORAL therapy for the treatment of acromegaly is beginning clinical studies and looking for participants. Click below to learn more. Contacting us does not obligate you to take part in the studies, or to complete the studies if you do enroll.

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Why Relationships Are Important for People with Acromegaly

Once diagnosed with acromegaly, you may find yourself adjusting to new energy levels, changes in physical appearance, and learning how to balance medical appointments with everything else on your plate. This can dramatically alter relationship dynamics and affect both interpersonal and professional interactions, potentially leading you to feel misunderstood, self-conscious, or uncomfortable. […]

Spirituality and Acromegaly: Cultivating Intentional Behavior

In our last blog, we talked about how there are as many ways to practice spirituality as there are people who practice it. We also talked about ways people with acromegaly might benefit from incorporating some kind of spiritual practice into their lives. In this post, we’ll explore how intentional behavior […]

Finding Your Brand of Spirituality When Living with Acromegaly

In a previous blog post, we talked broadly about the different definitions of spirituality, and how spirituality can enhance your wellbeing, especially when living with a rare disease such as acromegaly. Now, let’s explore some of the different ways you can find your “brand” or personal expression of spirituality. The great […]

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