Living with Acromegaly in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Living with Acromegaly in the COVID-19 Pandemic2020-12-21T01:21:52+00:00

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“Living in the pandemic with acromegaly has been tough. I have adrenal insufficiency, so I have to be extra cautious because it’s another thing that if I do get sick, I can get a lot sicker a lot faster because my immune system.”

“The best way for me to try to engage is start with family because it brings you back down to life to what’s important.”

“Living in a pandemic has made me feel very isolated. Some of us are considered immunocompromised. It could be life-threatening to me or some of my friends who have acromegaly.”

“I’ve actually wanted to go to another medical facility to get evaluated, but I’m scared right now. It’s definitely affected my ability to find additional help and treatment.”

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